Welcome to EPI-access International Inc.
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Welcome to EPI-ACCESS International Inc.

In September 2004 a tragic event occurred at an Ontario school.

A 13 year old girl died from anaphylactic shock. As a result of this tragedy the Government of Ontario passed a Bill (Bill 3) called Sabrina's Law. This Bill requires that every school board in Ontario establish and maintain an anaphylactic policy and that every school principal maintain a file and develop an individual plan for each pupil who has an anaphylactic allergy. This must include, among other things, details on the type of allergy, monitoring and avoidance strategies, appropriate treatment, a readily accessible emergency procedure and storage for epinephrine auto-injectors where necessary.

Two children

International Inc.
has created storage cases that meets
these criteria. Let's keep our children safe
and educate everyone on the importance
of the case and its contents.

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